I've been working on web development and design since 2001, creating website and games in Adobe Flash and AS3 (yes, I'm that ancient).
In 2006 I was hired by IIU, a Japanese company, and moved to Tokyo to work on the development and design of Tangonoki, an educational software to learn English.
In 2010 I started my studio PXL:Artificer focused on design and development of smartphone apps.
Some of my apps have been featured on Kotaku, TouchArcade and other publications. Some won awards, and others generated millions of unique downloads on both iOS and Android.
From 2018 I began experimenting with Unity and collaborated with photographer Cody Ellingham and sound designer Simon James French to create Future Cities, an immersive interactive art installation built with Unity and an original engine and point-cloud shader I built.
Future Cities premiered in Tokyo at the end of 2018 with great success, allowing us to take the experience abroad in Taiwan and New Zealand in 2019.
I'm currently creating VFX for movies, music videos and concept art.
Besides coding, I also do web design and book design, experiment with live coding, taking weird 360 photos and generally keep having fun with technology and art.
Photo by Cody Ellingham
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