In 2018 I worked with photographer Cody Ellingham and sound designer SJF to create FUTURE CITIES, a ground-breaking immersive art experience based on photogrammetry and running on a original framework I developed.

Being based in Tokyo, one of the largest city in the world, the continuous evolving nature of the city is clear and undeniable.
Old buildings are being torn down everyday. The old city with its multitude of narrow alleys and wooden houses steadily disappearing, replaced by modern architecture, new streets and larger highways.

We asked ourselves, how can we remember a ever evolving city?
What if we could stop time and wander through a single moment of its past?

We walked through the city, recording its streets, the narrow alleys and the people in their daily life.
Using a special process based on photogrammetry we developed, we then converted the images to 3D data, essentially preserving forever those locations through digital data.
With an extensive collection of digitized data, and accompanied by the music composed by SJF, we then built an abstract journey of a re-imagined city.
Disconnected locations were re-attached in familiar but unusual ways, creating a recognizable but yet surreal reality that was projected on walls and the audience could explore freely with a controller.
Thanks to the success of FUTURE CITIES Tokyo in December 2018, we were able to bring the experience to Taipei, Taiwan and Wellington, New Zealand in 2019.
Past Exhibitions:
- FUTURE CITIES Tokyo — Japan @ Art'n'Shelter December 2018
- FUTURE CITIES Taipei — Taiwan @ Venue - May 2019
- FUTURE CITIES Wellington — New Zealand @ National War Memorial - June 2019
Interacting with the experience.
Audience in front of projection.
Programming the experience.
Audience watching the Future Cities dreamscape.
SJF playing Future Cities Tokyo soundscape live.
Cody Ellingham, Ruben Fro and SJF performing.
Closing transition.
National War Memorial, location of Future Cities Wellington
Future Cities Wellington main show
The performance
The performance
SJF audio equipment
Pop-up installation in Cuba St
Multimedia container of Future Cities
Audience visiting the experience
Lecture at the Victoria University of Wellington
Demo-ing Fut.re Cities on a 240 degrees projection.
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