The three artists behind Future Cities Tokyo have come together once again for their final 2019 show to create a mesmerizing and powerful journey through the now-demolished Tsukiji Fish Market in Central Tokyo.
Ruben Fro, Cody Ellingham, and SJF have announced a small and intimate end-of-year show, Memories of Tsukiji, exploring what was formerly the world’s largest fish market, the iconic Tsukiji market, which closed its doors for the last time on Oct 6th 2018 and has since been totally demolished.
The thing that makes Memories of Tsukiji special is the photogrammetry technology that the team have used to produce the show, working from video and thousands of photographs they shot, as well as archive images of the market the artists have been able to recreate a powerful real-time experience where you can literally fly through the pixels of people and moments captured in the busy early-morning market, which saw over 1500 tonnes of produce sold in a typical day and for many was an icon of Tokyo’s history.
Memories of Tsukiji will be held at ARTnSHELTER, a small art hotel and gallery near Samezu Station, Tokyo from December 5 – 8, 2019.
The point cloud real-time engine, created for Future Cities installations and improved for Memories of Tsukiji, is extremely light and performant, moving hundreds of million of points in real-time and supporting dynamic lights and volumetric shadows, as well as caustics and advanced animations.
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