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For the Pussy Riot music video Panic Attack, RubenFro created the 3D environments, graphic shaders and animated the scenes and camera in Unity under the direction of Asad J. Malik.
106 cameras were used to capture footage of Nadya from all angles to create a photorealistic hologram.
“The Panic Attack music video is a great showcase of how different creatives from around the globe can come together to collaborate and innovate,” said Errolson Hugh, ACRONYM® Co-Founder. “We appreciate and support the work of Nadya and Pussy Riot and jumped at the opportunity to work with them. We connected Nadya to one of our key SKY ANY COLOUR artists, Tokyo-based creative technologist, Ruben Fro, who implemented 3D environments built on Unity. The end result speaks for

Nadya Tolokonnikova: "After serving 2 years in a labor camp, I'm still struggling with mental health issues. Trauma, fear and insecurity never fully go away, causing depression episodes and deep anxiety. “PANIC ATTACK” was born as the result of me staring at the wall for 24 hours in the middle of the pandemic, feeling 100% helpless. I was trying to write something uplifting to encourage people to get through the tough times. But I was just failing and failing. Magically, at the second I allowed myself to be honest and write about despair I was experiencing, I wrote the track in like half an hour."

I knew that Panic Attack was my favorite Pussy Riot song when Nadya first played me the demo,” said director Asad J. Malik. “The song’s producer Chris Greati, Nadya and I have become really good friends over the last year and this has been a fantastic opportunity to make art together. As a director focused completely on AR, this is my first time releasing a 2D video. We used the same techniques we use to create immersive experiences for our app Jadu. However, this time we didn’t have the limitations of
running on mobile devices and could push the technology to it’s limit.”

SKY ANY COLOUR is an ACRONYM®-curated, online group exhibition led by the technical brand's co-founder, Errolson Hugh, and Race Service’s CCO, Rod Chong. The project brings together a diverse range of global creatives, with the express purpose of exploring humanity's increasingly complex relationship with the future. Pussy Riot and the Panic Attack music video project is one part of the 50-plus artist and designer collective's output. Initial works were showcased inside the ACRONYM® x ROG ZEPHYRUS G14–ACRNM® limited edition laptop, and form basis for the SKY ANY COLOUR program.

The ongoing exhibition -- with new film, animation, music, graphic and photographic works -- will continue to be released on
Video Credits:
Starring: Nadya Tolokonnikova
Directed By: Asad J. Malik
World Building/CGI/Animation: Ruben Fro
Hair: Lisa-Marie Powell
Makeup: Anthony Merante
Styling: Nadya Tolokonnikova
Produced by: Jadu, Race Service
Volumetric Capture: Metastage
Executive Producers: Asad J. Malik, Nadya Tolokonnikova, Rod Chong
Special Thanks: Santiago Pagnotta, Mike Sunday, Errolson Hugh
Premiering as part of SKY ANY COLOUR, an ACRONYM® curated online exhibition.
Song Credits:
Written By: Nadya Tolokonnikova, Madge
Produced By: Chris Greatti, Kudzu
For more information on Pussy Riot, please connect with:
Gold Atlas - Inge Colsen - - 212-203-5240
For more information on Asad J. Malik, please connect with:
BECK Media - Tierney Oakes - - 210-275-4388
For more information about SKY ANY COLOUR please connect with:
Race Service - Rod Chong - @skyanycolour
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