[Winner in the "Promotion of Awa Culture" category at the 4K-VR Tokushima Film Festival 2020]

In a year when most awa odori celebrations have been cancelled, Cinematographer Hamish Campbell and Visual Effects Artist Ruben Frosali collaborated to produce a dream-like memory of summers past.
Using ground video, aerial video and 3D environmental scanning, they create a vision full of the inspiring sights and sounds of awa odori, longing to see them again in person.
A dancer dances one final time, her spirit becoming one with the dream, gone but not forgotten, hopefully able to return soon.

『真夏の残響(Echoes of Midsummer)』が、「4K・VR徳島映画祭2020」の「あわ文化振興部門」映像賞を受賞いたしました。


Directed by: Ruben Frosali and Hamish Campbell
Music by: Hakobune
Dancer: Mamiko Puamana Lee
Styling and Dressing by: Stasia Matsumoto
1st AC: Sean Maguire
Fixer: Makiko Segawa
Real-Time VFX by: Ruben Frosali
Cinematography by: Hamish Campbell

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